Are you feeling symptoms of art?

Art is a tremendous disease. You may be ill!

Symptoms of art

Are you drawing, painting or photographing? Are you crafting or designing? Are you writing poems, stories or plays? Are you singing, playing or composing? Are you acting, directing or performing?
Shortly, are you feeling symptoms commonly associated with the art disease?

You can’t judge yourself: you can’t tell whether you’re definitely ill or there’s still hope. In other words, you can’t tell whether you’re an artist or not.
We provide a unique system for reciprocal help: artsymps. Every user can submit symptoms here and other users will provide a diagnosis by answering Yes or No to one simple question: «Is this a symptom of art?»
Depending on the responses you'll get, you may be marked as a certified artist or more.
Ah, and everything is free!

Private diagnosis

Your diagnosis will be disclosed only to you

Your privacy is important to us: every time you’ll get a response to your symptoms, nobody except you will be able to see it. Both visitors and other users will be able to see – and to judge – all the symptoms you submitted to artsymps, but the diagnosis will be disclosed only to you. Unless you decide to make it public.

Your responses will be kept anonymous

Every user at artsymps will get a diagnosis according to the responses that you and other users provided about his/her symptoms. But no user will ever know who said Yes and who said No: all responses will be kept anonymous. So you can judge fairly without fearing the patient’s reaction.

Anonymous responses

Are you brave enough to face the truth?

Now dare and face the truth! Submit your symptoms and show them to the world. Let everyone judge your symptoms on artsymps; that’s the only way to know if you’re an artist.

Submit and show to the world